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Sports Massage

Designed for performance and faster recovery. Perfect for anyone participating in regular physical activity.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in person.

Sports Massage

Designed for performance and faster recovery. Perfect for anyone participating in regular physical activity.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in person.

60 Mins

From $120


Ideal for a targeted session.

90 Mins

From $170


Ideal for muscle relief and training.

120 Mins

From $220


Ideal for rehab and improving body performance.

Pricing includes travel, massage table, towels/sheets, oil, music and professional full body massage, and may vary depending on location type and hour of day.

Sportspeople, athletes and regular gym-goers tend to push their bodies harder than most. Whether you’re a fan of sprints, weight-lifting, play sport professionally, seriously or casually, body maintenance and building your athletic potential is crucial to optimal performance.

When you’re pushing your body to the limits, it’s critical that you are taking care of yourself during your downtime. Sports massage is designed to improve your overall performance by challenging the muscles and speeding up recovery time. Sports massage should be part of your overall wellness routine.

Medicalhub Therapists have years of experience in sports massage. The key to a good sports and remedial massage is to effect a change in the tissues and then to ensure any rehab exercises are effective.

Got Few Questions?

A sports massage is a targeted, rehabilitative therapy. It is usually focused on a particular area of the client’s concern. Sports massage is popular of athletes, sports people and those who are active in their everyday lives.

The sports massage techniques that your massage therapist will use is determined by the focus area. Sports massage techniques may be associated with a remedial massage or deep tissue massage, including kneading and muscle stripping. Other sports massage techniques include friction, which warms the muscles to prepare them to be manipulated, and compressions, which is a hold-and-release sports massage technique.

While all Medicalhub massage therapists are qualified and experienced in a range of massage therapies, there are some who specialize in sports massage. A sports massage therapist may have a background in the sporting field, whether that be as an athlete themselves, sports physiotherapist, or those who work with athletes and sports professionals on a regular basis. Medicalhub massage therapists are thoroughly vetted, so rest assured that all sports massage therapists are knowledgeable and experienced in their chosen field.

Sports massage therapy is popular among professional sportspeople, athletes, frequently gym-goers and other active people. Labourers, mothers with young children, and anyone who frequently exerts their body can benefit from a targeted sports massage, too. You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage.

A sports massage can be an intense therapy and is usually selected for rehabilitation and muscle recovery. Clients of sports massages typically implement them into a larger physical or workout routine to improve overall performance and recovery time. If you are pregnant, or experience any adverse health conditions such as blood clots (thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis), osteoporosis, cancer, or have recently undergone surgery, you must consult your doctor before you enquire about any kind of massage therapy.

Sports massage is a form of remedial massage. It is different from deep tissue massage in that it is a specialized form of recuperative therapy. The purpose of a sports massage is to restore muscle flexibility and mobility, increase muscle potential and reduce recovery time. Remedial deep tissue massage works the deep layers of fascia to provide immediate relief from pain or discomfort. When debating sports massage vs remedial massage, ask yourself what the purpose of your massage needs to be.

Sports massage is a remedial form of therapy, therefore there are some sports massage side effects. This can include stiffness, soreness or bruising after your massage, though this will alleviate 24-48 hours after your session. The discomfort you may experience post-massage is the proof that your sports massage has affected your muscles adequately.

Since a sports massage can be performed before, during or after your workout or lifestyle routine, your body may be in different conditions when you are ready to receive it. Always ensure that you are well hydrated before any massage to keep the muscles supple and workable. Be aware of any limitations or places you would like your sports massage therapist to work on in particular and communicate these prior to your sports massage.

After your sports massage you may experience an improvement in mobility and flexibility. Immediately post-massage you may feel sore or stiff, and some bruising may develop in the areas your therapist has targeted. This is normal. Any discomfort or tension you feel after your sports massage should alleviate over the next 24-48 hours, after which time you’ll enjoy the full benefits of your sports massage.

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