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Couples Massage

A beautiful couples massage to share – delivered to your home.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in person.

Couples Massage

A beautiful couples massage to share – delivered to your home.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in person.

60 Mins

From $120


Per person. Ideal for mild stress and relaxation.

90 Mins

From $170


Per person. Ideal for neglected stress, tight muscles.

60 Mins

From $220


Per person. Ideal for chronic stress, tension or pain.

Pricing includes travel, massage table, towels/sheets, oil, music and professional full body massage, and may vary depending on location type and hour of day.

Whether it’s your partner, your mum or your best friend, you and your companion will enjoy the wonders of massage together in harmony and in the same room – side by side by two therapists, or one after the other by a single therapist.

All Blys therapist partners are fully qualified, experienced and trusted industry professionals. They are dedicated to creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere for you and your partner, massaging away any worries or tension to leave you feeling totally revived and reconnected.

Our couples massage packages will make the perfect surprise and a great gift idea for someone special. Head to our Massage Gift Voucher page to purchase a gift massage.

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Got Few Questions?

A couples massage is a joint massage that can be performed simultaneously with two therapists or back-to-back with a single therapist. When you book a couples massage with Medicalhub, you can tailor your massage styles to suit your preferences.

A couples massage can be enjoyed by partners, friends, or family. A Medicalhub, couples massage is an ideal gift for a loved one that can be enjoyed by you and someone else, or bought for other people.

A couples in-home massage is comfortable and familiar. You should expect both parties to enjoy feelings of closeness and a renewed sense of companionship during this shared activity. A couples massage can be an intimate journey for both parties, which is why a couples in-home massage is perfect.

A Medicalhub couples massage can be done in whatever style you choose and this style will have an effect on how you will feel afterwards. Regardless of your massage type, a couples massage will leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated, and both parties will have a shared experience to enjoy and reflect upon.

The benefits of couples massage as a bonding experience include the promotion of feelings of closeness and intimacy. A couples massage is a fantastic way to provide muscle relief for both parties whilst also fostering good feelings through a shared activity.

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